The Imagine Foundation exists to place value on women of all ages and stages of life by empowering them to find freedom from the inside out through developing a healthy self-esteem, valuing their identity, increasing their resilience and finding a sense of belonging.


Our vision: placing value on women of all ages and stages of life by TEACHING them HOW to value their identity


Since 2010 The Imagine Foundation seeks to place value on women of all ages and stages of life by teaching them how to value their identity via the Mirror Mirror book and course. There are different versions of this book to reach girls and women in a way that is applicable to their particular stage in life.   The book and course that will touch the life of anyone who has ever felt at any time worthless, left out, self-conscious, bullied, confused, misunderstood, outcast, abused, useless, or forgotten. Mirror Mirror is full of practical keys to help unlock the potential of a participant’s future, from the inside out. Mirror Mirror is scientifically validated through an evidence-based study to help with the following:


confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect

Mirror Mirror builds confidence, self-worth, personal value and interpersonal problem-solving skills


the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

Mirror Mirror enables participants to confront problems with courage and decisive action to change and grow

Mirror Mirror provides tools of empowerment focused on self-awareness contributing


the human state of being an essential part of something

to healthy, meaningful connections and relationships


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Dianne Wilson is the Founding Director of The Imagine Foundation. Dianne’s experience as best-selling author, fashion model, television presenter and speaker on the topics of body, soul and spirit, has given her an influential platform to help people in all walks of life. Dianne wrote the book, Mirror Mirror, to help women of all ages and stages of life find freedom from the inside out, by teaching them how to value their identity. Australian-born mother of six and grandmother of two, Dianne is a passionate freedom fighter. Dianne and her husband Jonathan, currently live in Newport Beach, California.


The Imagine Foundation is partnering with the retailer Macy’s, to help bring the Mirror Mirror Girl program into high schools across the country. Visit Macy’s

WTLC is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to helping individuals and families escape the depths of domestic violence and exploitation. WTLC provides the tools and resources to build self-esteem and empower people for independent living, With Tender Loving Care. Visit WTLC

The mission of Crossroads is to provide housing, education, support and counselling in a homelike environment for women who have been incarcerated. A high percentage of these women have served 25+ years for protecting themselves from their abusive partner. Visit Crossroads

The Mirror Mirror was created and launched in March 2012 specifically to equip girls with the tools to discover and value their identity. We partner with high schools to provide girls with a copy of the Mirror Mirror book during an inspiring school assembly hosted by the Imagine Foundation Mirror Mirror Girl Team. We also provide school counselors with the Mirror Mirror Course at each high school where we hold an assembly.

The Imagine Foundation has actively hosted and facilitated the Mirror Mirror Course at a local women’s prison since May 2013. The Program takes the women through the eight-week Mirror Mirror Course and includes a special graduation event for the participants. The Imagine Foundation also provides training for support group leaders within prison so the inmates can help each other in the journey of values formation. These women were convicted for crimes against their abusive partners, many of them having suffered domestic violence, rape, drug addiction and other physical and emotional abuses.